Virginia Firearms Law Course

The law will only protect you IF you abide by the law, and remember ignorance of the law is NEVER a defense!

My Virginia firearms law course is approxfimately 3 hours in length and provides you with valuable information on Virginia Firearms laws.
Each individual attending receives a handout on all of the information covered in the course and will provide you with current laws of importance to firearms owners and concealed handgun permit holders.

Information on this informative course is shown below.

Students attending the VA Law Seminar will be able to sign up for and IMMEDIATELY be covered by the U.S. LawShield Firearms Legal Defense Program! I have it! My wife has it! You should too!

For details on the U.S. LawShield Program click here OR on the banner to your right!

STUDENT REQUIREMENTS and EQUIPMENT: NONE! Student should bring a pen and notebook.

COURSE CURRICULUM: The following topics and more are explored in the seminar. Active discussion is encouraged to strenthen the learning experience!

  • Transportation laws
  • Storage and security of firearms
  • Self defense laws - outside of the home
  • Self defense laws - inside the home
  • Concealed carry laws (where you may and may not carry in Virginia)
  • Concealed carry reciprocity (which states you may concealed carry with Virginia permit)
  • Open carry (Virginia)
  • Civil liability
  • Legal representation
  • Educational resources

WHERE THE SEMINAR IS CONDUCTED & YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Courses are conducted at the Combat Pistol Concepts classroom facility located at 5267D John Marshall Higway Linden, VA 22642 in the Linden business center. For directions to and pictures of the facility click here.
Your instructor/speaker for this seminar is Jim Johnson who is the owner and chief instructor for Combat Pistol Concepts and the Israeli Tactical School Virginia. To view Jim's qualifications please click here.

WHEN THE SEMINAR IS CONDUCTED: The seminars are conducted on either a Saturday or Sunday starting at either 9:00AM or 1:00PM. Currently scheduled seminars may be found on my "Schedule & Registration" page.

COST OF THE SEMINAR: The cost of this informative seminar is only $20.00! Payment is required in advance to secure a seat(s) in the seminar. The fee is non-refundable, however, if for some reason you may not attend I will re-schedule you to the next available date. Those attending will be offered discounts on any of our other seminars or courses on the day of this seminar. NOTE: There is a maximum of 20 seats available, and a minimum of 8 registered people required to hold the seminar. If the minimum of 8 are not met 48 hours before the seminar date, those registered will be re-scheduled to the next available date.

HOW TO REGISTER FOR THIS SEMINAR: Registration is easy! CLICK HERE or on the "Schedule & Registration" link on your left and find the next available seminar date.

PLEASE NOTE: This seminar is not an offer of legal advise or legal representation! It is to educate you on existing laws.